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Villa for 12 persons, 4 bedrooms, large living room and 3 bath rooms.This villa is situated between the villages Asomatos and Lefkogia, has a garden and pool. A  taverna is in the building closed to the villa, to the next beach there is a distace of 5 minutes, to Plakias 10 miutes.The prices are between € 140,- and € 230,-/day, depending on the season.


Villa in the village of Asomatos with a great view, 4 bed rooms, large living room, 2 bath rooms and a big garden. To the next beach (Amoudi) there is a distance of 10 minutes by car. Prices are between € 160,- and € 630,-/week. For long time stay the prices are: 1 month € 900,-, 2 months, per month € 800,-, 3 months, per month € 700,-, 4 months, per month € 600,-. During the wintertime the oil for the heating will be charged extra.


We offer 5 Apartments between Plakias and Souda, above the new harbour,  between April and November. Equipment: 2-3 beds, crib if you need, TV, small kitchen, bath, toilette, internet, aircondition, balcony with a wonderful view to the see. To the beach you need 5 minutes, also to go to Plakias you need 5 minutes. Prices: Between € 35,- and € 50,- it depents on the season. For a long time stay during the wintertime the prices are: 1 month € 350,-, 2 and more months, per month € 300,-.

              5 apts at the upper border of the village Lefkogia, near Plakias, appointed with bath, kitchen 2 beds, balcony, tv and a lounge. Distance to the Shinaria beach is 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes to Plakias. In the village you find 2 tavernas, 1 cafe and a supermarket. Price: € 40,-. For a long time stay reduction to € 20,-/night.

                1-room- and 2-room-apartments in a wonderfull garden with old trees and palm trees in the bay of Damnoni, the apartments offer one or two bedrooms, toilette, shower, small kitchen and balcony, meetingroom with TV, 5 minutes walk to the beach, and 5 minutes by car to Plakias. Prices between € 50,- and € 60,-. For long time stay reduction.

                                                                 The apartment house with a vegetarian taverna closed-by is situated in a very silent olivegarden, distance to Plakias and the beach by car 5 minutes, or 10 minutes walk. Equipment: 2 beds, kitchen, bath, balkony, wireless internet. Prices between € 25,- and € 55,-. For a  long time stay the prices are between € 280,- and € 545,-.


                                      A very beautifull, well-kept apartment house in the village Lefkogia with a view to the bays of Shinaria, Damnoni and Plakias. Equipment, 2 beds, kitchen, baht, balkony, TV and  internet. In the garden there is a barbeque place, which can be used by all guests. 3 2-room-apts with 55 m2 and 3 studios with 33 m2. Prices between € 30,- and € 55,-. For a long time stay:Studio for 1 month € 500,-, 2 months € 900,-, 3 months €  1.200,-, 4 months € 1.500,-, 2-room-apt: 1 month € 600,-, 2 months € 900,-, 3 months € 1.300,-, 4 months € 1.600,-

        This Hotel is situated in Rethymnon, closed to the new harbour with a wonderful view to the sea. In a few minutes you reach the old town of Rehtymnon with all the narrow streets between the old houses and a lot of restaurants, shops and cafe`s. The hotel offers TV, internet, aircondition, central heating, meeting room for playing games together, daily cleaning. Not siutable for roll chairs!  One-room with breakfast inclouded € 21,-/day, Zwo-room with breakfast inclouded € 37,-/day.

                This Hotel is situated in the center of Rethymnon, very closed to the central park with it`s old trees, it is very easy to reach by a short walk all restaurants, shops and cafe`s. The hotel offers TV, Balcony, central heating, aircondition, meeting room, lift. Not suitable for roll chairs! Room service during the winter time once a week.       singele room with breakfast € 600,-/month, 2-bed-room with breakfast € 800,-/month.          

               This Resort is situated in Georgioupolis on the north coast of Crete between Chania and Rethymnon, distance to Chania is 35 km, to Rethymnon 23 km. Georgioupolis is a silent village, closed to the sea with a lot of sweet water rivers, it offers a long sandy beach, a lot of restaurants, cafes, shops, farmacy, doctor, post office and bank. The apartments offer TV, aircondition, balcony, extra electric heating, and a wellness center with indoor pool.

Studio for 1 month between October and Mai € 500,-, with breakfast € 600, Studio for 4 months between Ocotber and Mai € 1.000,-, with breakfast 1.200,-                                                                2-room-apt. for 1 month between October and Mai € 600,-, with breakfast € 700,-                      2-room-apt. for 4 months between October and Mai € 1.200,-, with breakfast € 1.500,-

                                                          A small hotel in the village SPILI in the mountains, the village is placed very good for doing excursions to Rethymnon, Agia Galini and Plakias. The rooms offer 2 - 4 beds, TV, central heating, wi-fi internet and balcony, there is also a washing machine to us from all guests. Prices: € 25,- for 2 persons, € 30,- for 3 persons and € 40,- for 4 persons/night. For a longtime stay there will be a reduction.


The Resort complex of properties is in the south coast of Crete, just 35km from the city of Rethymno and is built in the small and picturesque bay of Plakias.Walking a few minutes from the complex, you are in Plakias village, where you can find restaurants, enjoy your coffee waterfront watching the beautiful sunset and shop in the stores and supermarkets of the village. Every apartment has a comfortable living room, fully equipped kitchen with all the kitchenware, dining room, two bedrooms with double bed or two single beds, one bathroom with bathtub or shower, A/C, television, aircondition, hair dryer, telephone, internet. Prices: Studio: 1 month € 500,-, 2 months € 900,-, 3 months € 1.300,.--, 4 months € 1.800,-; Apt. with 1 bedroom: 1 month € 600,-, 2 months € 1.100,-, 3 months € 1.700,-, 4 months € 2.200,-; Apt. with 2 bedrooms: 1 month € 800,- 2 months € 1.500,-, 3 months € 2.200,-, 4 months € 2.900,-.


This Hotel is situated closed to the beach of Rethymno. It is just a few minutes walk to the narrow alleys with a lots of shops and restaurants. The studios and apartments offer, small kitchen, TV, internet and aircondition. In the reception aerea and the restaurant is space for nice meetings with other guests. Prices: Studio für 1 person € 540,-, for 2 persons € 620,-, 3 persons € 650,-/month, apartment für 1 person € 620,-, for 2 persons € 710,-, 3 persons € 750,-, 4 persons € 790,-/month, suite for 1 person € 750,-, for 2 persons € 850,-, for 3 persons € 885,-, for 4 persons € 915,-/month. Breakfast will be offered for € 5,-/person/day.

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Hallo, wir suchen kurzfristig vom 13. Sept. - 27. Sept. 2017 eine Unterkunft in Plakias für 2 Erwachsene. Können Sie uns helfen? Vielen Dank!
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