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South Crete, that means wild costs, unspoiled landscapes, long sandy beaches, palm trees, huge flocks of sheep, rivers, mountains and no mass tourism.

You would like to emigrate, or you are thinking to set up a retirement or holiday home? You would like to spend the winter time in Crete? Or you are surching for a relaxing holiday without huge hotel complexes or crowded beaches. Would you like to get to know country and people?

Plakias is about 27 km south of Rethymno (about 1/2 hour by car). The distance to the airport and the port of Heraklion is 110 km, to the airport of Chania 100 km and the port of Chania 85 km. 

From Rethymno you go in the direction of Spili, after about 15 min you follow the road - to the right  - to Plakias. You cross the Gorge of Kourtaliotis, a  fascinating long george with overhanging cliffs and the Preveli River, which leads to the famous palm beach. At the and of the gorge, you have an amazing outlook to the sea and the area. After you cross the villages Asomatos and Lefkogia, two small, typical Createn villages. After another 10 months you arrive at Plakias, the largest of all villages in the region.

Another possibility is to cross the villages Agios Vasilios, Aguseliana and Agios Ioannis and the Gorge of Kotsifou and the village Myrthios, from there you need again 10 minutes to get to Plakias.

Plakias offers you: Hotels, bed and breakfast, a lot of restaurants (tavernas), bars, a long sandy beach, two diving schools, supermarkets, two butchers, one backery, two farmacies, two doctors and one dentist. In the center of Plakias there is a small, old harbour, there you find offers for daily tours by boat to other beaches, bays and the island Gavdos.

There are several buses to Rethymno, dependig on the season.

You have the possibility just to dangle your soul and to spend a relaxing holiday. Also you can on on some small walks in the region or  walk to the famous Gorge of Samaria. You rent a car and explore the island by yourself. There is also a travel agency, offering tours to explore the famous cultural facilities like Knossos, Festos or Frangokastello by organized bus trips.

You have one long sandy beach in Plakias, another in Damnoni - about 3,5 km distance and one in Souda - about 5 km distance.

There are also some more small bays and beaches for families and possibilities for nudists, close to Plakias.

In the spring time Crete is very green and full of flowers and blooming trees.There is a  wonderful smell is in the air.

As from the middle of May it starts getting brown, but the sea reaches very nice temperatures - of about 28°.







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