Elena Tours Plakias- individual tours by mini bus

rooms, apartments, houses to rent, boat tours, maps, hiking guide

Our Services:

Beautiful tours with our mini bus (we show you the real Crete)

We live and work in the region of Plakias.

We reservate for you, the room, apartment or house for the duration of your stay.

We organize your transfer from and to the airport.

We are at your disposal for questions about the region and excursions.

If you are an emigrant, we offer to accompany to the different authorities.

If you buy plots or houses, we offer to accompany as a translater to the different offices like notary, loyer, architect, a.s.o.

We speak: english

Wir sprechen deutsch

Parliamo italiano

Μιλάμε ελληνικά.

Your find us at the beginning of Plakias between the Alianthos Beach and Alianthos Garden Hotel.


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