Elena Tours Plakias- individual tours by mini bus

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We show you with our new mini bus (max. 8 pers.) the "Real" Crete. At our daily changing tours we visit small mountain villages, typical tavernas and very special places. We avoid from the big roads and the typical tourist attractions. Of course we also visit the citties Rethymnon and Chania, but in "Elena Tours" style. Our driver and guide speaks Englisch, German and Greek and is telling you during the tour about the Greek Mythologie, the Historie, the islands and the live in Crete.

Many beautiful pictures and comments you find on www.https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010066053027

Monday: Tour 1: Hiking-tour through the Mili Gorge on the north coast- Lunch time in a special taverna - return over the mountains, the village Karines and a visit of the old Mixorouma.


Tuesday: We go by mini bus to the entrance of the gorge, have a short coffee break in the village Imbros -walk through the Imbros Gorge - about 2,5 houers - (non hikers come with our bus to Chora Sfakion)   - lunch at a nice little beach with time for swimming - Frangokastello - Plakias


Wednesday: Along the coast westward to the high plateau of Anopoli - walk through the Aradena Gorge (about 3 houers) - time for swimming and lunch at the Marmara Beach - boat rip back to Chora Sfakion - Plakias


Thursday: Plakias -Tour 1:  We visit the village Vori, a typical village coffeehourse, the thnological museum in Vori - visit of the archeological excavation in Festos, lunch at the pond in Zaros -  along small mountain villages back to Plakias. Tour 2: We go by mini bus to Sfakia, from there we hike on the E4 to the Sweat Water Beach, breach for swimming and luch, we continue our hiking tour to Loutro, from there we go bach to Sfakia by ferry boat and then with our bus back to Plakias.


Friday: Plakias - Chania - Market hall, old harbour, old town - Kournas Lake with  time for lunch and swimming - Springs of Argyroupoli - back over the mountains to Plakias.


Saturday: Plakias -  we visit an old byzantine church in Meronas - coffee break in the village Apostoli - at the foot of Psiloritis at the upper border of the Amari Valley to Agia Galini, lunch and 1 hour for yourselfe - Spli, 1 hour stop - Plakias


Sunday: Tour 1: Plakias - Kotsifou Gorge - stop in the village Mountros - graves in Lappa - visit a 2.500 years plane - lunch at the springs in Argyroupoli - high plateau in Kallikratis, we visit a  herb woman - Plakias

                Tour 2: Plakias - Agia Galini - with an old fishing boat  to the Paximadia Islands, 3 hours for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and barbecue - Agia Galini - Plakias

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